About Silverton

The town of Silverton was founded in 1854 in the Willamette Valley. The Molalla and Calapooia Tribes lived in the region prior to the pioneers’ arrival. The surrounding region became known by the settlers as the Silverton Country, a vast expanse which includes several other small communities, including Mt. Angel and Scotts Mills. Majestic landmarks in the region take their names from the tribes and settlers: Silver Creek, Abiqua Creek, Crooked Finger Road, Pudding River, and Waldo Hills.

Silverton is conveniently located near Oregon’s largest cities. It is 15 miles NE from our capital city Salem, and 45 miles South from Portland. The historical and cultural aspects of Silverton are bound to entertain travelers of all ages. There are many art galleries, antique shops, restaurants, and other attractions to keep you busy. Silverton is known as the gateway to the Silver Creek Falls State Park (the largest state park in Oregon). It is also home to The Oregon Garden.

As a community, Silverton has a successful education system serving the city’s youth and its neighboring townships. The Silverton Hospital recently ranked within the top 100 hospitals in the entire country. The downtown corridor is regularly alive with homegrown businesses unique to Silverton.

There is also a bustling current of art and culture, including a collection of murals scattered throughout the town — often depicting a particular aspect of Silverton’s history. See if you can find them all!